Way to Form Thigh Muscle without Tool for Man and Woman
Posses not ideal thigh is peeve, because of bigger or thiner, it can be ridicule from others. it is disturb, is not it?
Have been tried many sports but it still have not been maximal.  
If you have that problem, had better continue this article because this article is written for you.
Because this article is written for you who want minimize thigh, form thigh muscle and tightening the thigh. So, continue reading with curious and enthusiasm.  

There is sport to be doing to get muscle without tools.  Check it out :
1. Squat Jump
Some of us might know and familiar with this sport. It enough helps and focuses on ideal thigh, finally give us satisfaction result.
Benefit of Squat Jump
          Can burn thigh grease
Because this sport emphasizes thigh and foot. While you are doing repetition, it will burn grease around thigh and foot. If you have this problem, so do it now..
          Can form thigh muscle
Some of you might want to have muscle aroud thigh, especially for man. This sport is suitable for you posses thin body and fat to be muscular what you want.
          Tightening thigh
Most of you want tight muscle or small , slack is caused many grease. Use this sport can give you benefit to tightening thigh.
2. Running climb up
This way has also benefit directly to get ideal thigh and emphasize to foot and thigh. While doing repetition, the grease will burn and get ideal thigh slowly. If you do more serious, it will appear.
3. Running in water
When someone be in water, it will difficult to do movement. At the time, body needs more energy to movement. Well! If you want running to dimmed the thigh and need more energy. If this way is done more serious and continue, so muscle will appear.

Thus, this article is written for you who want to get ideal thigh. Hope that this article can help you in your planning. 

Thank you...

To get chest muscle is more visible than other muscle. Might most of you have seen muscular athlete, and most of you feel cofused how do get it.
Many ways to do this sport, but this time, the author will share this information to be done in home or GYM’ place. Before so far discussion about this, i will give some benefits for woman and man if they do this rehearsal.

Benefits for woman :
      Can be tightening sleck chest
      Can be tightening hand
      Can burn grease in hand
Benefits for man :
      Can be tightening and form chest muscle
      Can be tightening arm muscle, shoulder and chest
      Can form muscle

1. Push-Up
It is easy because usually done whenever you want beside GYM. This way is often done by athlete to form chest muscle.
Steps to Push-Up :
    Take body position be the floor with hand position hold back body like the picture
    Take up your body use hand power and arm and then take down back
    Doing this repetition as able as ability

2. Pull-Up
This sport is enough easy to be done and have no hard technique. Body load is emphasized in hand, so will form chest muscle and other such as shoulder and hand. But it is eought hard and you can do it slowly based on your ability. Steps to Pull-Up :
          Take the position hang to hold hand-grip with both of hand (see the position picture)
          Take up body with arm, hand and then take down back the first position
          Doing this repetition as able as ability

3. Chair Dips
This sport can use tools in home and GYM’s place. If you want to do this in home, you can use 2 chairs as tool. The steps are :
    Take 2 chairs as tool
    Put down foot in one chair and other in hand to block the weight (see the picture)
    Take up body, then take down again
    Doing this repetition as able as ability

Thus, those can help you. Actually, anything your program to do this sport, it is based on with your interesting